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“The Terminal” is one of the deepest cinematic movies. It takes place in a waiting hall at John F. Kennedy Airport in the United States. A giant hall was designed in Los Angeles for filming the events of the movie, and a large waiting hall was designed to look like the terminal. Victor Navorski (Tom Hanks) arrives in the United States from the Republic of Krakozhia in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, at the moment he arrives at the airport, bloody events erupt in his country, and the regime is changed there and overthrown. Tom Hanks finds himself stranded at the airport, never allowed to go out or have his passport stamped, confined to the waiting room and only allowed to eat and walk around. And here begins the story (Waiting for the Unknown).

Navorski spends long days in the lobby, working to make ends meet. During this time, Navorski learns a little English, improves his skills, and gets the sympathy of the airport workers. With time, he becomes loved by everyone there, after helping a traveler persuade the airport authorities to allow him to take medicine with him for his sick father. The events are not free from comedy. In the meantime, (Navorski) meets and falls in love with a flight attendant named Amelia Warren (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Amelia soon leaves him and returns to her ex-boyfriend due to her emotional outbursts. The movie carries ideas that shed light on the suffering experienced by refugees in proving their identities in front of the harsh laws that govern some countries.

The movie carries many deep ideas, including highlighting the issue of refugees who are unable to prove their identities, to the unjust regimes that limit freedoms and do not deal humanely with people. The movie immortalized the experience of Mehran Nasseri in the manner of Spielberg. Knowing that the movie was shown for the first time about two years before Mehran left Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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