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Portraiture is the photographing a person or group of people, like portraiture, its goal is to show the features and expressions of faces. The most important elements affecting portraiture is lighting, where the expression of the face and the character it reflects may change by changing the light falling on it, for example, in external photography, the worst time to photograph the face is when the sun is high in the middle of the sky, the faces are strongly lit from above, which makes the eyes in the depth of a black shadow, but when the sky is cloudy, photographing the face is beautiful. The closer the picture and the natural the lighting, the more beautiful the picture. For example, it is possible to photograph next to a window from which natural sunlight comes, and a transparent white curtain is placed on this window to scatter the sharp focused light, provided that the eyes are in the upper third of the image, and photographers prefer to use aperture no. 8 for portrait photography. It is preferable to photograph the portrait with a lens aperture of less than 3 to show the isolation of the background and show more beauty to the picture.

Professional photographers tend to create certain effects in the picture, such as intentionally blurring the subject, taking silhouettes, blurring the cut, or other ideas that are expressed in sight rather than in words or in speech. Outdoor portraiture, with its non-artificial nature, is considered appropriate for photographing children of all ages, and is appropriate and necessary for outdoor activities and their photography, such as athletes, farmers, and others. I love portraiture, and I feel the beauty in every shot, look and smile from different faces, ages and genders. What distinguishes the human face are the different features that express each person independently. The woman is the icon of beauty, love, soul and body, and she is a beacon and an inexhaustible source of renewed inspiration.

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