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Architecture is one of the ancient engineering arts that man has known since he needed to build a shelter, architecture is also known as the art that is concerned with the application of a set of engineering designs that depend on drawing the schematic structure to build buildings, and the cultural landmarks of a place or city. Usually architecture is concerned with reflecting the nature of the general culture, and the prevailing heritage in the region, it may contain a group of symbols, or artistic sculptures that remain evidence of the nature of architecture in each era. The first origins of architecture go back to the beginning of man’s presence on earth, as he sought to use the materials surrounding him so that he could build a place that would provide him with a suitable living, and contribute in the protection from the fluctuations of weather in the summer and winter, and from exposure to natural hazards. The humans were keen to take advantage of the surrounding resources in order to turn them into habitable homes, the most important of these resources are: clay, stones and wood. During the population expansion witnessed by the succession of human ages, architecture is no longer limited to building housing, but rather includes all other buildings, such as: markets, private shops, places of worship, security centers, public service institutions, luxurious palaces and major museums, so that architecture has become one of the most famous human arts that contributed to building a group of civilizations that still exist until this time. Among the types of architecture are:

Islamic architecture: The architecture that existed in the Arab and Islamic cities and which was founded and invented by Muslims, is called Islamic architecture. This beautiful art can be seen in Islamic palaces and mosques.

Ancient architecture: This type refers to the architecture that appeared at the beginning of ancient human civilizations. For example, the ancient Egyptian civilization, represented by the pyramids, is considered one of the oldest and most famous architectural civilizations in the world.


Asian Architecture: It refers to the architectural arts spread in countries located in East Asia, such as China, Japan and India. This art can be clearly distinguished in the residential buildings that combine traditional construction with the original artistic heritage.

Architectural art has gained a large part of my vision in the field of photography, so I worked on documenting the most beautiful shots that depict ancient and modern civilizations, in different countries and multiple cultures. So, It was an integrated collection and archive of a work that carries memories of civilizations embellished with mosaics embodying worlds that are difficult to erase.

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