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Nature is the secret of the beauty of life that God created on this earth. It charmed and stole the minds of photographers. Nature photography is among the most popular types of photography, mainly due to the magic of nature that fascinates people’s eyes and makes their hearts drawn to it very quickly. How any photographer or ordinary person can resist the unlimited beauty of nature that surrounds him on all sides. Nature photography can give the photographer the opportunity to express more than one message with just one photo. When you photograph a charming landscape, such as a sunset on the seashore, for example, you express very beautiful feelings, therefore your image will attract of course all lovers of the sea and wonderful sunsets.

Natural light is relied upon in this type of photography to a very large extent, as the use of flash or any external light source may affect the final result of the image and may cause a change in the features of some objects photographed in the external environment. That is why it is often recommended to choose the right time to do such photographic works, for example, before sunrise or shortly after sunset, because during this period the photographer has the opportunity to enjoy the saturated color of the sky, and the absence of sharp shadows that affect the aesthetics of the image and color consistency. Nature fascinates me with an unparalleled intensity, it motivates me to be creative and go to imaginary worlds and places that no human has visited before. Here lies the thrill of nature photography. In every shot, my feelings are filled with a lot of beauty and fascination that captures me and pulls me strongly to boundless depths and secrets. Nature photography is my sanctuary towards love, peace and beauty.

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