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“The Lion” movie, revolves around (Saroo), a five-year-old boy, separated from his family after he got lost from his brother at a railway station in a district in India, and his journey begins in discovering the unknown. Saroo ends up in an orphanage in Calcutta, then is adopted and raised by a couple from Australia for 25 years. But the image of his mother and brothers lingered in his mind constantly, until one day he decided to use Google Earth to try to find his parents. Dev Patel plays Saroo as a young man, while Sunny Power plays the influential role of Saroo as a child. The movie made a huge impact on the audience especially in the last scene when he meets his mother in India. “I spent most of my life in school trying to stay away from my origins in order to avoid beating and bullying attempts to fit in with the rest of my surroundings,” he says.

“Mother’s Power”

The movie is based on the true story of an Australian couple who adopted a child from India. Nicole Kidman says that as a mother of adopted children she finds Saroo’s story “very moving”. “This work shows the strength of mothers, both adoptive and birth mothers,” she added. “I told the real Saroo, ‘You’re such a lucky guy,” Kidman said. “When you have good luck like that, you really shine.” As part of her preparation for the role, Kidman interviewed Saroo’s adoptive mother (Sue Brierley), who lives in Tasmania. At the end of the sequence of the Lion movie, this phrase “80,000 children go missing every year in India,” shows up. We are here in front of a true story of one of these children; He was subjected to this harsh experience, but he was one of the lucky ones because he found a family that embraces and raises him, while millions of children in India are still living below the poverty line and without shelter.

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