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The 2001 Academy Award winning movie was directed by Ron Howard and written by Akiva Goldsman. It tells the life of John Forbes Nash, a reclusive young student with a fondness for mathematics and numbers, who does not know how to deal with the fair sex, even when his student Alicia admires him, he seems like a child in matters of love and closeness, when he marries Alicia, her life was not happy before he won the Nobel Prize. On the other hand, John Nash was proficient in mathematics, he was called a genius man. He obtained a teaching chair at the university, and won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1966.

John Nash uses his mathematical logic even in his life, in matters where people usually act spontaneously, the movie depicts the relationship of intelligence in general, the state of John Nash and his proficiency in mathematics, and the concept of emotional intelligence in personal life. John Nash in the movie does not have great abilities in emotional and social life, his genius in mathematics did not help him much, at least in the beginning of his life, in obtaining this life that is full of satisfaction and success, as he was somewhat lacking in the emotional intelligence of life that requires awareness and understanding the feelings of the other, the ability to produce harmonious reactions and sensations, and lacks the ability to link his relationship with others, as well as the acquaintance and understanding with the opposite sex.

John Nash was afflicted with schizophrenia at the beginning of his life, he befriended the imaginary Charles and his niece, he also fancied his relation with the Secretary of Defense and that he was able to decipher secret codes and messages. However, these were nothing but the hallucinations of his social schizophrenia. After his wife discovered his mental illness, he became volatile and talked to delusions. His wife informed the psychiatric hospital, which sent people to arrest him after he refused to accept treatment. This confirmed his hypothesis that he was being pursued by Soviet agents, before he finally discovers the truth of his hallucinations. He was forced to live with imaginary characters chasing him throughout his life. His illness caused much suffering to his life and the life of his family.

John Nash was able to live with his schizophrenic illness, thanks to his strong relationship with his wife and her assistance in persuading him to adhere to treatment. We can say that the mental illnesses that creative people suffer from are mainly nourished by their mental and artistic skills, which again leads us to the topic of the importance of emotional intelligence and its relationship with the mathematical mind, so that it relieves stress and psychological tensions as much as possible.

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