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“Braveheart” is one of the most important movies of the nineties, it is an American movie released in 1995 AD. It tells the story of the struggle of a Scottish national hero, who defended his country against the British during the Middle Ages and fought them with utter valor. The events of this movie still have a strong impact on art lovers, to make the movie more beautiful in the eyes of those who watched it over time.

Mel Gibson plays William Wallace, a Scottish rebel who leads an uprising against the ruthless English King Edward I, who seeks to inherit the crown of Scotland. When Wallace was a young boy, he lost his father, brother, and many others, as the English executed his bride, so (William Wallace) begins his rebellion against the king, and the resistance of the British occupiers of Scotland.

(Braveheart) spoke about the childhood of Sir William, who witnessed the murder of his brother and father when he rebelled against King Edward I, who wanted to seize the Scottish throne, but he grows up with his uncle outside Scotland and then returns a simple farmer who soon meets his old girlfriend, and marries her secretly. And as soon as the English soldiers knew about her, they killed the bride and arrested him, to return after that and take revenge on them and kill the English sheriff and gather many Scots around him, and win their first battles in Sterling. But he was soon defeated, due to the betrayal of some Scottish clan leaders, and the events of the movie follow, where he takes revenge on them (Wallace) after preparing his army, then they deceive him and hand him over to the British and he is sentenced to death and his last word was (freedom).

The hero and director, Mel Gibson, said that what he read about Wallace does not lend him the romance and magnanimity that Mel embodied in the film. He was a fierce warrior, strong, like a medieval warrior, and it is not true that he was a simple farmer. He was from a rich family, and he did not witness the killing of his father and brother when he was young, so some of the movie scenes are incorrect in their axes.

Also, Wallace was not gallant and brave as the movie portrayed, but he did the same actions as King (Edward), as they were both sides of the same coin, they killed many innocent people, peasants and simple people, and they had no goals but (more power and authority).

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