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The Green Mile is the famous novel by (Stephen King), where the story was told by its hero (Paul Edgecombe), who was part of the team responsible for executions in Cold Mountain Penitentiary. This cruel mission bears many secrets, which Paul worked on writing down its details in his late years, in the assisted-living home. Paul Edgecombe says, “I was actually relieved to see them cry a little. I always worry when they don’t cry”. The events of “The Green Mile” movie begin in the mid-1930s in Cold Mountain Penitentiary, nicknamed The Green Mile, when Officer Paul Edgecombe is introduced to prisoner John Coffey, a large African American man who is on death row after being convicted of the murders of two girls. The idea of ​​the novel revolves around (the death penalty) and what revolves in the human soul at that moment.

Old Sparky

Paul was loyal to his job of doing justice, but at the moments of the executions he sympathized with them in pity for the lives they had wasted in not giving themselves the chance to live in peace. He was aware of the cruelty inflicted upon them when they were led towards the execution chamber and their inevitable death, fully convinced that everything was over and they had no power to turn the wheel of time back, but only the electric chair or (Old Sparky) as they called it. How disgusting this profession is, Paul was anxious to make their last moments quiet, with the least amount of pain, and to meet their last demands of the principle that humanity is indivisible.

John Coffey

John Coffey came to the Green Mile accused of raping and killing two girls, he’s a negro on death row. John Coffey was as innocent as a crying child. “It seemed to be a feeling of sorrow for the whole world, at times so great that it would be difficult to relieve it completely.” As time goes by, we see that John Coffey, possessing a lot of humanity and compassion, he was strong and kind at the same time.

Percy and Dale

In the Green Mile we see (Percy Whitmore), the cowardly officer who got his job by nepotism, without any experience. We also see (Delacroix), the emaciated French prisoner, who found in his cell a small mouse who made him a friend, and thanks to this mouse he was able to forget that he was a murderer. (Old Sparky) The deaf chair itself will make you feel like it is a main character in the novel, as weight and influence as any other human character!

The Work is very rich and gives us a great lesson, this life is just stations and in the end we will all go to one destiny which is (Death).

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