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Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) falls in love with the bookstore owner. She is a famous movie star, whose heart fills with emptiness and feels lost in her soul. She found in the librarian William Thacker (Hugh Grant), a person who loves her only for herself and not for her fame, so the idea of Notting Hill was imaginary as if it was a fairy tale that combines reality and fantasy.

While watching one of her films, Anna Scott meets William in his warehouse in (Notting Hill), then they meet accidentally in the street and he wets her with orange juice while he bumps into her, so he invites her to his house to change her clothes, and a story begins between them in which feelings are mixed. William, who recently divorced his wife, shares his apartment with a rambler named Spike!

The film excels in creating its own romantic story, adding human stories; a story that makes each character in the film a hero in its own. From eccentric Spike, to Bella who walks in her wheelchair in an undesignated house, to Martin, a kind librarian whose wit or memory doesn’t help him much.

It is noted that the bookshop of small travel books in the area of (Notting Hill) that appeared in the film, is frequented by many men who want to engage girls in the library. This makes it one of the romantic places in London. As for the famous house with the blue door in which Will Thacker or (Hugh Grant) lived, it belonged to the writer of the film’s story (Richard Curtis) and his family before he sold it to his sister-in-law, who sold the door alone to a charitable organization, because it was bringing tourists and fans of the movie, which It causes a lot of inconvenience to the owners of the house.

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