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The idea of the movie “Forrest Gump” is not to present stupidity in a clever way, nor to expose the ways that intended to bring down the hero who is unaware of his surroundings, nor his victory despite his weakness. Presenting a model for a person limited in his abilities is not the heart of the film, the message is deeper and remains hidden behind the idea. Perhaps the magnificence of the idea lies in your belief in it, in presenting it in a simple framework in which there is a lot of innocence, reflecting the peace of the soul, and the hidden true feelings of love.

The story of “Forrest Gump” begins with a feather swaying and dancing in space, landing on the shoulder of the one who crosses the road, and leaving it to return again to its air dance before falling on the foot of “Forrest”, who embraces it, and keeps it in his bag, that feather may be the chance that might come to us even though we do not see it, feel it, and invest in it. The idea of success returns, despite all the consequences, despite the weakness and attempts of destruction, skepticism and conspiracies. People may consider you unworthy of success, they only see weakness in you, but when you win, you change the concepts of victory. Forrest “the hero” was not a hero, but his success came because he did not hold any malice or grudge against anyone. I think that it was an idea that affected me to a large extent. The idea of success speaks in this film about a person who does not bear, and does not burden himself with any malice or hatred. The film combines romance, comedy and drama, You grieve, laugh, then cry, and finally laugh at Forrest. The film carries a human dimension for a spontaneous person accustomed from an early age to his mother, who shows us her advice, without any reference to his personal opinion, which was not present in the film.

In this film, Tom Hanks played one of his greatest roles, he took a lot of references from the child, Haley Joel, who played the role of “Baby Forrest,” and we find that “Hanks” benefited from him with his speech, his movements, and even his head gestures. The flow of events came in a sequential and harmonious manner, in addition to the style, and the available effects, lighting and clothes, especially by a genius director such as “Zemeckis”, who made us see the wonderful human side is the talented performance of “Tom Hanks”, and his perfect performance, for the character of “Forrest”, especially when he is next to his mother and his lover, to tell us about a human model that carried all the meanings of success and failure, fall and rise, in a philosophical reading of the human soul with all its real events of real models in society.

The film gave us a lesson in love, purity, and success in the face of hatred, and merciless irony even for the weak who are unable to defend themselves. The ability of the film stands out in that it was executed directly through our mistakes, to change our view of things, and many things around us. A feather began the film, and ended with it, swayed in the ether, danced lightly and landed on the feet of “Forrest Gump”. The film ended with it flying away, “Tom Hanks” depicted the life of a person afflicted with a disability, and despite it, he returned to provide lessons in love, persistence in life, and in moving forward in spite of all circumstances.

Rami Maki

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