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The artist’s ability is always manifested in expressing what fills his soul and inspires him to create. There are various fields of creativity, such as “painting with light” that work to highlight the features of things closely. The creator’s vision of things has always been different, as if he sees details that no one else sees, perhaps the value of his creativity is reflected in his signs that we see those details, he alerts us to meanings, so he highlights them in splendor and accuracy.

If we call the art of photography “painting with light”, this is a true translation of the meaning of creativity in the art of depicting things. As the writer possesses the tools of expression with words and as the painter has his brushes and tools, each of them can translate feelings into an expressive image or a figurative meaning, the photography sheds lights on the silent beauty. The photographer carries his tools that are as simple as if they had become some of his organs, but it is the most important part of his organs, as it is his speaking and expressive soul, which makes what he picks up as an expressive speaker of meanings that invade the conscience of those who take it.

The photographer has an eye that is not like all eyes, he captures moments of sadness and happiness. When the photographer takes a picture of something, it is as if he freezes the movement of objects in a time and place, in a simplicity that seems more accurate, and in the awareness of reading details that sometimes seem neglected. With the spirit of the creator, he begins to get ideas out of his lens behind which he sees things, so he can highlight the different angles and the reflections of lights on the features of the faces, highlighting laughter here and deep sadness there. Just as the poet can paint with his words the expression of states, so he expresses silent things in sophistication and in recording the moment of time and space with deep understanding.

The artist’s vision is always different, as he sees the sea bearing beautiful details, he sees the transparent waves, the softness of sand and rocks, he sees in the logic of things more meanings than we expect, and highlights them with soft lights sometimes, and strong lights at other times. This fine art depends on the artist’s perception, using his tools to highlight things closely, relying on a target to capture the scene, with lights that highlight these features. He carries a “camera”, and uses light to achieve a goal that appears in a snapshot of his ideas to reach the recipient in simplicity and ease. Like any profession, craft or means of expression, a person remains gradual in his talent, from beginning to professionalism. Photography itself has many types, there are photojournalism, nature photography, wildlife, “portrait”, black and white, and many more. They vary and differ in purpose but share the same message.

The first evolution was painting, it was the author of the first message adopted by the painter in receiving from his creativity what the connoisseur receives. With the emergence of solar photography, the message turned to him. Development happened and is inevitably happening, when creativity meets scientific discovery and the artist develops his tools that It is what the expert spirit needs, to make, record and archive events. Art derives from the artist’s spirit, and by developing tools, excellence preceded by science remains the title of the message. When science develops the artist’s tools, he can then open wider doors, achieve greater pleasure and the fullest ability to communicate his feelings and thoughts.

Rami Maki

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