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They say: The farther you are from humans, the more the bonds of love increase and deepen just like the stars from which you see nothing but light. This is exactly what is meant by “Masafet Aman.” It is also said: One of the laws of traffic all over the world is to make a safe distance between you and other cars, this will allow you to stop at any moment you think is appropriate for the event. This is how your relationships with humans are, as maintaining a safe distance with them will prevent you from falling into unnecessary shocks and will provide you with peace of mind and psychological calm. The Syrian audience has waited for a long time, in light of the setbacks that the Syrian drama witnessed, for a distinguished work that restores the drama’s brilliance again, and it was “Masafet Aman”.

Action figures

The tale begins with nine different characters, with no intersections between them, except this one pain, incomprehensible anxiety and general turmoil. Most of the tales are from homes filled with bewilderment and doubts due to the unjust years of war. These tales depict the emotional states of three main characters: “Salam”, the doctor who was shocked by her marriage, she lives in a state of fear of losing her son, she also suffers from a tremor in her right hand. Salam is looking for a missing safety, linked to the ambiguity of her feelings, her constant caution with her surroundings, and the anticipation that sweeps her being which is evident in the way she acts. The second character is “Sarab”, the lonely woman who is lost due to the absence of her husband. Sarab finds herself in love with her neighbour’s husband, and she is the mother of a daughter at the age of marriage. Sarab’s safety distance is represented by the state of distraction and confusion in feelings and her inability to make a decision to bring her back to her senses and rationality again. The third character is “Youssef”, the photographer who lost his lover in the death boats. Youssef embodies the personality of the human who tries to balance his desires with his attempt to find stability.

How did the consequences of the war reflect on the action figures?

Undoubtedly, all these characters are an inevitable result of the outcome of the war. “Masafet Aman” is a true reflection of the state of tension and fear that plagues the characters, as all of them try to protect themselves from the inevitable fall into the explosion. Which has transformed most of the action scenes into scenes that explain what is going on in the human self and delve into its depths to reveal its secrets. We clearly notice that most of the characters have succeeded in not repeating themselves, and proceeded to reintroduce themselves again, from “Girgis Bishara” the music teacher, and “Hussein Abbas” the businessman who appeared after the war, to the story of the artist “Nadine Tahsin Beik” and “Sawsan Abu Afar”, who gave the audience a great warmth they longed for after many years of absence due to the war. We cannot consider “Masafet Aman” as a single dramatic story, there is no synchronization between the events of the characters, but rather it is a group of scattered stories in the houses of Damascus, which were torn by years of war and fragmentation. So, the desperate emotional climate was the only factor that brought them together, because of what the Syrian society witnessed from dramatic and heartbreaking events.

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