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Julio Iglesias was born on September 23, 1943 in Madrid. He specialized in international law. He is the father of nine children, including the artist, Julio Jose Iglesias, and the international artist, Enrique Iglesias. Who has not gone through the “Julio” stage, I mean listening to the songs of Julio Iglesias and getting addicted to them, Julio is the Spanish singer who immortalized his name in the sky of international art, five decades ago and his melodious voice is still resonated with love songs in various languages. Through his strong charisma, Julio Iglesias was an exceptional case in the whole world, reaching the point of obsession and addiction. The passing years and some wrinkles that appeared on his face could not extinguish him, so he remained the messenger of love between the two lovers and the “third” partner in love relationships. He started his singing career by chance, and thanks to his charisma, the Latin singer became the knight of girls’ dreams in the eighties and early nineties. Perhaps Julio’s concerts from around the world are the best evidence of his huge popularity.

philosophy in life

Julio Iglesias’ life can be summed up in three words: singing, women and red wine.

It seems that Iglesias’ path of success has left him in a constant thirst for wine, the alcoholic drink for which he has always expressed his love: “Red wine is life itself, the only life that you can store in a bottle,” according to what said in one of his interviews, adding: “To love red wine, you have to take a healthy approach to life.” Although Julio only proposed to two women in his life: Isabel Presell, who comes from an ancient Filipino family, from whom he separated and married his girlfriend, Miranda Regensburger in 2010, but the talk about his relationships with women is innumerable.

A success story

It seems that fate has intervened to impose the name “Julio Iglesias” on the artistic scene, after he became involved in the world of sports, specifically in football, where he played as a goalkeeper in the famous team Real Madrid, “Iglesias” suffered a severe traffic accident that turned his life upside down. Paralyzed for two years, he stopped playing sports and switched to another field: playing the guitar. However, he began composing some romantic songs, and Julio soon became one of the most famous romantic singers in the world, he was called the “Women’s Lover”, as he broke sales records with more than 300 million copies of his albums, making him the most Spanish artist whose albums were sold across the world in history. The secret behind his continued stardom over these long years, can be summed up in one word: love.

Julio says: “No matter who you are, there is a small place in your heart for music full of love. During my life, I wrote hundreds of romantic songs. People think I was born with the guitar in my hand, but in fact, I was going to be a lawyer and a football player, but then I met the guitar and being a positive person, it made sense to sing for love. I flirted with life every day, so love songs came naturally, and I still write love songs to this day. Why? Because I was born this way.”

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