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Imagination leads, as you enter a Shami restaurant in Istanbul, to the atmosphere of Damascus and the customs of its people. You cannot resist the morning table of the people of Levant, where the pleasant aroma and unique flavor combine! Imagine that you are in one of the old houses of the Levant, where the fountain lies in the middle, the sounds of birds sing on the narinj tree that spreads its fragrance throughout the house. At the fountain there is a table where the family members gathered, waiting for the delicious Syrian breakfast consisting of charming dishes such as: (delicious labneh, local white cheese, olives immersed in the virgin olive oil, do not forget the makdous that is stuffed with delicious local walnuts, the traditional dish of foul and hummus, which is famous for its delicious flavor and richness in proteins that are beneficial to the body, and the healthy vegetable dish that refreshes the heart with its fragrant aroma and wonderful flavor). The usual, traditional breakfast meals were the mainstay of the Syrian breakfast, before life hits a faster pace. However, Syrians prefer breakfast with small plates when they can, especially on weekends, they also like to eat together. This enters into the culture of the Syrian family.

The family breakfast is served with different foods in small plates. People eat directly from these common dishes using Syrian bread. They use bread instead of plates. When eating, they tear off a small piece of bread, shape it into a ladle shape and use it to scoop the food out of the small plates. The method of extracting the food depends on the nature of the food (olive, cheese, etc.). This is included in the literature of the food culture of the Syrians. There are two main ingredients for any breakfast: Syrian pita bread and black tea (usually with sugar). Most of the foods served for breakfast are called ‘Hawader’, for example, foods are always ready-made, as the food can be eaten straight from the pantry or refrigerator. So people just need to take the food out of the container/jar and put it on the serving plate, without the need for heating or cooking. In Syria, there are small specialized grocery stores that only sell “Hawader”, as they are sold in regular grocery stores.

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