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Turkey contains many types of building styles that are spread throughout the country, this diversity is bewildering, as it combines the white houses overlooking the Aegean coast, to the erect wooden houses found in the northeast. Not to mention the ancient churches carved into the mountains in Cappadocia, Greek and Roman cities like Ephesus, the historic Library of Celsus, and the Roman terraced houses. This diversity is not strange because many civilizations have ruled these lands throughout history, and they all left monuments for them and their structures, yet the most famous buildings in Turkey are the Ottoman architecture, and the Seljuk architecture.

The Ottoman architecture

The Ottoman architecture varied to include palaces, water fountains and bridges. What distinguished the Ottoman architecture most are its magnificent mosques, which are characterized by intricate designs suitable for places of worship. The architect Mimar Sinan was able to achieve fame and glory, for his unique engineering designs, which appeared in the sixteenth century. Mimar Sinan attended the reigns of three Ottoman sultans, and won their admiration. He was able to build and design more than 300 buildings, the most important of which is the Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque in Istanbul, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Seljuk architecture

The Seljuk architecture was influenced by Persian, Byzantine and Armenian architecture, but they were able to highlight their style in architecture. Seljuk architecture left their mark in Konya, any traveler could identify their handicrafts by looking at the buildings along the road. The Seljuk architecture was characterized by high-rise doors and elaborate decoration, which gives residents psychological comfort and high security. In these buildings there are rooms for dining, sleeping, praying, and rooms for washing basins, in addition to a special section for animals. The hotel is larger and is occupied by doctors, blacksmiths, carpenters, tailors and cobblers. You can visit Turkey at any time you want and benefit from the knowledge of its structure and architecture.

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