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In the European section of Istanbul, we find the famous Sultan Ahmed district, which amaze you with its beauty since you get off the tram and watch the Byzantine character that characterizes this neighborhood. The Sultan district is the most tourist attraction in Istanbul, many tourists come to from all over the world. Sultan Ahmed area is known as the historical heart of Istanbul, where it smells the fragrance of history mixed with the aroma of Turkish coffee and grills. Once you set foot in this charming destination, you will be impressed by the splendor of Islamic buildings, traditional markets and the local atmosphere, so that you will spend your trip discovering the secret of its splendor and why it captivates all visitors to Istanbul who visit it daily without getting bored. Among the most important landmarks of Sultan Ahmed Street:

  • Hagia Sophia Museum: It is one of the masterpieces of Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture, which was then turned into a mosque by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, to be adorned with Ottoman Islamic decorations, and then in became 1935 a museum and a prominent tourist attraction.
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque: The grandiose mosque that was built in about 8 years, between 1609 and 1616 AD, with six facing minarets and a dome that simulates the Dome of the Rock. The mosque is distinguished by its inscriptions, decorations, and blue tiles, for which it was given the name (The Blue Mosque).
  • Obelisk of Thutmose III or Obelisk of Theodosius: This pharaonic obelisk was transferred from the Karnack temple in Luxor to Alexandria across the Nile, then Emperor Theodosius I ordered in the year 390 AD to transfer it to Constantinople – currently Istanbul – to decorate the racetrack.
  • Yerebatan Sarnıcı (The Basilica Cistern): Built during the sixth century AD, this cistern is located 150m southwest of the Hagia Sophia Museum in Sultan Ahmed area. It is filled with water and fish, so there is a luxurious restaurant inside it that serves seafood.

But if you are a shopping enthusiast, you will not need to go to any other area, as there are many famous shopping areas near you, the most important of which is the Grand Bazaar or the Roofed Bazaar, which was named like this because all its streets and alleys – which amount to 80 streets – are completely covered to protect its visitors from weather fluctuations. The Bazaar occupies an area of ​​30,000 square meters and is one of the oldest and largest Bazaars in the world, with a history spanning nearly six centuries, and receiving about 500,000 visitors daily.

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